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Our Services


We provide individual counseling to people of all ages.  Our state licensed clinicians were selected for their extraordinary skill levels and for their ability to connect with clients to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Our counselors are experienced and gifted in treating a wide variety of issues with compassion and care.


We provide our clients and surrounding communities with opportunities to participate in group counseling experiences in an effort to achieve healing and growth through therapeutic intervention and connection.  The ability to connect in a group setting allows our clients to give and receive support from others who are struggling with similar issues while learning the skills necessary to reach their individual goals.

Please contact our office for information on current groups.


Our counselors are trained and experienced in guiding couples toward their relationship goals.  The process of healing past wounds, working through current challenges, and integrating healthy relationship skills has the power to strengthen and renew relationships that were once painful and fragile.  A commitment to couples therapy provides an opportunity to recreate your relationship to achieve the kind of fulfillment only experienced through intimate emotional connection.


For families who are struggling in their relationships, we offer integrative family counseling services.  We seek to establish trusting relationships with each member of your family to encourage all participants to play an active role in improving family dynamics and healing relationships.  We understand that all families are made differently, and we strive to meet every family's unique needs by creating a treatment approach that reflects their values, beliefs, and goals.


Our services include psychiatry to provide our clients with the option to explore whether medication along with counseling is the right path for them.  Our psychiatrist works closely with our clinicians to ensure continuity of care and holistic treatment plans, while monitoring and managing medication and symptoms.  By integrating counseling and psychiatry, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive and well-rounded treatment experience.


Additional Services

To find out about our partnership with Reiki and Massage Practitioner, Karen, please click on the "More" tab located on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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