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Karen Kane

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Soul Coach

BA in Psychology/Mental Health

Zaborac Counseling Group is proud to partner with Karen Kane to offer a holistic approach to mental wellness.  Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine desire to help those in need.  Karen's years of experience in Reiki and Massage Therapy are evident through her ability to provide clients with a relaxing, comfortable environment while skillfully guiding them toward healing and thriving.  The services that Karen offers include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Scalp & Face Massage, and Reiki.  Karen works with each client to design a program that will be tailored to meet her client's needs.  It is well documented that the mind and body are connected and that we reach our highest potential when we nurture both.  As such, we are confident that our clients will benefit from Karen's skills and expertise.

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Karen's Story

Karen Kane graduated from Governors State University in 1998, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a concentration in Mental Health.  Karen instinctively knew from a young age that she wanted to help others reach their highest potential.  Karen worked as a Crisis Counselor for over a year but desperately wanted to expand her education. Therefore, she returned to school and became Certified in Massage Therapy and Reiki Healing.


Karen Graduated from one of the top massage schools in Chicago, The Chicago School Of Massage Therapy. Upon graduation, Karen worked for a Physical Therapy clinic for over two years, where she assisted Physical Therapists with their patients.  She worked with various chronic diseases, injuries, and post-surgery recovery. Karen’s expertise in the clinical side of Massage Therapy was only the beginning of her career. 

Again, Karen yearned to expand her healing touch to those in need outside of a clinical setting.  Karen began working in a spa setting, where she perfected her massage skills and created a new healing space for her clients. Karen soon realized the importance of the mind-body connection and instinctively knew it was time to investigate new approaches to healing. Karen became a Reiki Practitioner in 2008 and has thoroughly enjoyed assisting others with this healing energy work. She works with the chronically ill and those struggling with mental health challenges in their everyday life.  Her passion for helping guide others on their spiritual path is her life’s purpose.  Karen uses her intuitive knowledge and gentle guidance to bring awareness and self-empowerment to her clients. She is looking forward to meeting and working with new individuals to help them relax and enjoy all life has to offer. 


Reiki                                                             30 Minutes: $50          60 Minutes:  $85

The tradition Reiki session is typically 60 minutes and focuses on balancing the seven chakra systems of the body.  Many people wonder what to expect when they come in for a Reiki session.  During Reiki I gently place my hands above or on your body and allow the transfer of universal energy from my palms to your body.  Reiki is performed at your level of comfort with non-intrusive touch at times.  You play an active role in the healing process that Reiki provides, I simply assist in guiding you.  The Reiki sessions that I provide are extremely peaceful and allows your mind to recognize balance, well-being, and healing.  Reiki is known to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain associated with disease.  The mind-body connection is emphasized throughout the session, and I encourage my clients to ask any questions both during and after treatment.  Meditation and Imagery may also be utilized in your Reiki session for added self0empowerment and relaxation.

Swedish Massage             30 Minutes: $40               60 Minutes:  $75            90 Minutes:  $110

Enjoy your customized 60 minute Swedish Massage that is designed specifically for you!  Experience deep relaxation with long-flowing, soft to medium-pressure massage strokes that will deepen your state of tranquility.  You can also choose specific body regions that you would like me to focus on.  It's all up to you!  Swedish Massage increases your circulation, creates mobility, and decreases muscle tension and pain.  Add aromatherapy oils to your treatment to further enhance your physical and emotional well-being.  Surrender your mind and body and thoroughly enjoy this therapeutic massage.

Deep Tissue Massage                                                   60 Minutes:  $95

During your 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage, I will focus on areas of tension or injury in your soft tissue.  I will apply slow deep pressure that targets specific muscle groups and work with the connective tissue surrounding your muscle (fascia).  Trigger point therapy and light muscle stretching may also be applied during a deep tissue session.  Deep tissue massage helps to break adhesions that form in the muscles and fascia to significantly help decrease chronic and acute pain.

Scalp and Face Massage                                             30 Minutes:  $40

This 30 minute scalp and face massage will bring you a state of complete relaxation.  Aromatherapy oils of your choice will be gently massaged into your scalp and neck as you slowly begin to drift away.  I will gently apply light massage techniques to your face, temples, and ears.  Treat yourself to this uplifting massage session.  You will not be disappointed.

**Karen Kane operates as a separate entity from Doreen A. Zaborac & Associates, Inc./Zaborac Counseling Group.  All scheduling and billing questions will be direct to Karen.**

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